All Saints’ is part of the Anglican parish of Dunedin North, which includes North Dunedin, North East Valley, and Pinehill. All churches in our parish are inclusive and welcoming of all people.

The North East Valley congregation of our parish, St Martins’ Anglican Church, is led by our Priest Assistant Fr. Max Whitaker, and has regular Sunday services at 10:00am.

St Thomas’ Anglican Church in Pine Hill is used by our sisters and brothers of the Maori Anglican Parish.

Wider affiliations

We belong to the Anglican diocese of Dunedin, part of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia and part of the worldwide Anglican Communion

Companion Diocese

The Anglican diocese of Dunedin has a companion relationship with the Scottish Episcopal Diocese of Edinburgh, our parish has a companion relationship with the Edinburgh parish of St. Michael and All Saints 

Organisations we support

We promote the activities and appeals of the official aid and development agency of the Aotearoa New Zealand churches Christian World Service and of the Anglican Missions Board