Nau mai haere mai! Welcome to the All Saints’ Fruit and Veges Ordering Page.

To collect your All Saints’ fruit and veges bag you need to do three things:

  • 1. Order using one of the online forms below.
  • 2. Pay in advance using the online payment details below.
  • 3. Pick up your bag from the distribution center you have selected below.

Our fruit and vege bags come in three sizes: single $4; couple $7 or family $14.

Fruit and vege bags are ready for pick up each Thursday.

Pick-up times and locations are listed below.

Please order using one of the forms at the end of this page and pay in advance online for your bag.

Last day for payments is the Monday prior to the Thursday you pick up.

Our account number for your online payment is below.

Important: there are two order forms on this page.

One form orders for a single Thursday (One time order) and one form orders a weekly bag (Subscription).

Weekly subscriptions are only available if you have set up a weekly direct credit to All Saints’ Fruit and Veges on Mondays, using your phone number in the direct credit ‘reference’ line.

The Bags:

Family Bag – $14
This bag contains 3-4 kinds of vegetables and 1-3 kinds of fruit.

This bag is suited to four people.

Couple Bag – $7
This bag contains 2-3 kinds of vegetables and 1-2 kinds of fruit and adds up to half the quantity of the family bag.

This bag is suited to two people.

Single Bag – $4
Our singles bag contains 2-3 kinds of vegetables and 1-3 portions of fruit.

This bag is suited to one person.

10kg Bag of Potatoes – $14
We can also provide 10kg bags of potatoes.

These are either red or white potatoes depending on availability.

Pickup Locations:

We have All Saints’ Fruit and Veges distribution centers at churches and community centers across Otepōti-Dunedin.


Packing Hub, Distribution Center with Fruit & Vege sales

Distribution Center

All Saints’ Anglican Church

786 Cumberland St, North Dunedin

Open: 8.45am –10am and 4pm –6pm every Thursday.

You can purchase additional produce at All Saints’ using cash or Eftpos.

Distribution Centers

St Martin’s Anglican Church – NEV

194 North Rd, North East Valley

Open: 4.30pm – 5.30pm every Thursday.

Caversham Presbyterian Church (Sidey Hall) 

61 Thorn St, Caversham

Open: 10am  – 11am and 5pm – 6pm every Thursday.

Holy Cross Anglican Church – St Kilda

Entrance off Bellona St, St Kilda.

Open: 4pm – 5.30pm every Thursday.

St Mark’s Anglican Church – Green Island

 27 Shand Street, Green Island.

Open: 10.30am – 11.30am every Thursday.

St Michaels Anglican Church – Andersons Bay

44 Elliot Street, Andersons Bay

Open: 4pm – 6pm every Thursday

Holy Trinity Anglican Church – Port Chalmers

1 Scotia Street, Port Chalmers.

Open: 5.15pm – 6pm every Thursday.

Blueskin Bay Library

28 Harvey Street, Waitati.

Open: 4pm – 5:30pm every Thursday.


Please pay for your order in advance. The last day for payments is the Monday prior to your Thursday fruit and veges pick up time.

Our account is: All Saints’ Fruit and Veges 06 0901 0670271 50

Please note: Always add your phone number (that you used on the order form) to the “reference” line of your online payment. This helps us match your order and payment.

Contact Information:

If you encounter issues with your order, please contact All Saints’ Fruit and Veges through:

All Saints’ Administrator:

Fruit and Veges’ Volunteer Team:

We’d love your help!

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team to help serve our community by providing low cost good quality fruit and veges. To join us as a volunteer please contact our volunteer coordinator through :

The Forms:

One Time Order Form: This form lets you place a once off order. Once you fill it out and make payment you will receive a bag on the following Thursday and no more after that, you cannot place multiple orders for different weeks with this form, you will need to fill it out every week that you want a bag

Subscription Order Form: This form signs you up to receive weekly bags. Once it is filled out and payment has been made your details are entered into our database. As long as payment is made you will receive a bag each week. To ensure this runs smoothly we recommend setting up an automatic payment to the Fruit n Vege’s account. Please make sure that you put the phone number that you used on the form in the reference field of your online banking system when paying. If you would like to make changes to your subscription please contact us on the above emails.